This page will give you ideas for what kinds of things students have done and where your students can "publish" their work for a wider authentic audience.

--Student Video-Based Projects

The Living Roof or on a larger screen:
Cora Chen made this film while her students went to the California Academy of Sciences. Her students then wrote about their experiences on the field trip. Cora writes: "On the KQED website about Eco-Literacy Resources under the heading “A Warm-up to Global Climate Change”, you can also see the link to my class website with the video:
ESL Contact Assignment

Photo and Video Projects
Lots of great ideas and examples of student work--mainly high school.

Project by Carla Arena, Webhead. Contains some video as well as photos. Shows what can be done with Flickr.

Hillis, M., Antônio da Silva, J., and Raguseo, C. 2008. Cartoon Festival: An International Digital Storytelling Project. TESL-EJ, 12 (2).
Article on a digital story-telling project.

Phrasal Verb Video Dictionary
Richard Drury's students have created a video phrasal verb dictionary and add to it regularly.

PEARL World Youth News
A student news service created by secondary school students; training in video and writing.

The iEARN Communities Project, 2007-2008
Video introductions to communities. [A new project is underway for 2008-2009.]

Aiden Yeh's English Advertising Class
Look for Oolala Deodorant and Burp Cola! Great fun!

Dafne Gonzalez's English for Architecture and Urban Planning
Skillful use of the visual
(those posted on worldbridges have been lost--others are OK)

Larry Ferlazzo's Student Work
Some use animation sites

Sergio Mazarelli's Students' Work
Digital camera work

Aiden Yeh's students in English and Art did a fine series of photostories on famous artists with music and commentary, both in text and orally:

Example of a slideshow from a Half Moon Bay online newspaper (could be used as a model):
The reporters interview local "live aboards" (people who live on their boats).

--Student Video Contests & Places to Publish

Exchanges/Connect- a project of the US government to help students envision improvements in their livess and in the planet.

6 Billion Others - A place to leave a testimony for all humankind

Del Valle Film Festival - This year's theme is "Picture our Song." Sign-up wiki is delvallefilmfestival.
Open to anyone; 2008 deadline is November 8, upload by November 30; created by Susan Canelo (contact her at the blog for future festivals.)

Interwrite sponsored on TeacherTube
Three winners will win an Interwrite Makeover™ by creating a music video of the song of their choice and will receive prizes valued at more than $15,000.

--Places with Ideas for Video Productions

Common Craft - - Has lots of how-to videos, a typical genre that can get students started.

Videoblogging EVO 2010 - - An e-group of teachers learning about videoblogging, from the 2010 Electronic Village Online (you may still be able to join and see all the resources). Their discussion and syllabus is found at their wiki, which has links to lots of resources.

rave.pdf - links to a set of videos that may get your students turned on (pdf file download)