Project-Based Learning

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Great resource for all things related to project-based learning, including rubrics, research rationale, examples, etc.

Why use projects?
Excellent rationale by a local school district that went for the concept

Teacher Videos

Info, resources, examples of student work; you might start a collaboration with another class here

How to teach any- and everything in videos made by teachers for other teachers

Pedagogy: Articles and Blogs

(roughly reverse chronological order - date posted follows some)

Recording of the interactive video Webcast with Jennifer Lebedev of JenniferESL and Dave Sconda of as part of the EVO 2010 Video Session, January 11/12, 2010

Nik Peachey's Learning Technology Blog with links to some great sites: Online Video: What does it have to offer teachers and Learners? Categorizes video online sites in four ways: language development, communication, knowledge resource, authentic genres. (4/09)

Gary Carkin's Dramalog Lesson plans and examples on using drama projects in ESL/EFL. These are readily adapted to video scripting. (10/08)

For TESOL members only, the VDM-IS Newsletter, 19,(1), 2008 has a great article on how video projects work with students: Promoting Language Acquisition Through Student-Produced Movies by Mark Deebold, Atlantic City H.S. (2008)

ELTA-Rhine is Andreas B├╝sing's pedagogy blog. Interesting comments, such as this article on using YouTube videos as a teaching aid.

Trends in Digital Media - 2007 (Elizabeth Hanson-Smith's wiki) - a presentation for the Video & Digital Media IS of TESOL at their academic session in 2007. Lists lots of good tools and suggests directions for multimedia use. The full paper was published in TESL-EJ, 11(4), March 2008.

Video Online - a 2006 article by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Mike Marzio describing two important areas of video-based teaching and learning: authentic content and student productions, and the approaches that work with collaborative multimedia projects. Teaching English with Technology, 6(2): n.p. Video Online References categorizes the Websites used in this article. (2006)