Resources related to digital images, slide shows, etc. online.


Many of the items here come from EVO Video 2008--with thanks to the teachers who participated there.

Animoto lets you upload photos and then creates a create slideshow. Has a selection of free and for fee music to add. If your show is fairly long, there will be a slight fee. Has an educator's license for free, however.
VoiceThread allows you to do a voice-over comment on still photos--and friends can also add their voice comments. Obvious potential for ESL/EFL. A good example is Nik Peachey's mini-tour of Vassar Island and the Sistine Chapel re-creation.
Flickr - see also their "badges" feature
Flowgram - Create interactive guided presentations combining Web pages, photos, PowerPoint, your own voice,notes, highlights, etc.
SlideShare - You can display your PowerPoint slideshow here and the text of the slides will also appear as a transcript. No audio. You can add to a group, add tags, and make comments. Users can download the file.
Dipity - Not exactly a slideshow, but a fascinating way to create a history using a timeline and photos. Could be a great tool in a history, civics, social-cultural, or social studies classroom.


50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story is a treat--lots of examples to give students ideas on storytelling through all the new Internet interactive tools. (Thanks to Bee Dieu of the Webheads for this tip.)
Review of SlideShows This blog entry by Webhead Ronaldo Lima, Jr., has a nice comparative review of three slideshow tools--Voicethread, Splashcast and Qlipboard--with short examples of each. Comments by fellow Webheads are also very useful.
CogDogRoo - Descriptions of 50 Web Tools to create stories using photos, slideshows, video, audio, etc., with examples of each

Digital Images

Some items here come mainly from Images4Education's bookmarks at Diigo - an EVO 2009 session -- with many thanks to those teachers.

What Can We Do with Flickr? - hours of exploration on this clever desktop photo that demonstrates Flickr's many tools
Flickr Organizer - Pictures Tied to Maps
Free Digital Photos - many free, some with small fee; user-contributed
Tibbit is billed as a way to communially build a "tribute" to someone, e.g., for a birthday. It allows you to mash up photos, text, podcasts, embedded video, etc., and then "play" everything together. Contributors can post their photos and a short text on the main page. So this might work quite well for student group projects that can be created collaboratively and then presented as a show. There is also a "due date" feature--the time by which items have to be put into the show. This YouTube video shows the several features.
QlipBoard allows you to make screencasts with the addition of your own photos and Webshots and decorate/enhance them with whiteboard-like tools. It's a free download. The downside: It's not Mac-enabled. A couple of video presentations and how-tos are found at YouTube. (Thanks to Carla Arena, Webhead, for this find!)
Vuvox - Amazing what you can do with images, e.g., 'da man"s Collages virtual art gallery with clickable slideshow images. Also allows downloads of mobile phone video/stills.