*Webcam vlogs

record online
twango - record online or a widget is downloaded to your desktop for streamed recording
BlogCheese - record online through a Webcam (it's been quirky lately)
Hellodeo (vmail)

*Online video editors & archive sites

Jumpcut - Unfortunately, Jumpcut is no more--the best is gone!
Masher - Looks a lot like a version of Movie Maker online.
Stupeflix - May be the next best thing to the old Jumpcut. You can add photos and video from your desktop, add sound (see Jamendo) and text
MotionBox - Doesn't have editing tools, but seems to have large storage capacity
dotSUB - students can create closed captioning for a video in any language
Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Video Online - Includes slideshow and animation apps

*Downloadable video editors

virtualdub.org - a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms (95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP). "VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images." (See the article at Makeuseof.com.)
VideoSpin - For Windows, multilanguage. "If you use custom settings you can create some pretty clear wmv's and flash videos."

*Free sound files

Soundsnap - a large variety of sound effects--running water, bird calls, et al.
Jamendo - free music of all sorts, search through tags for styles


upload video from your desktop
Grouper - (also has a Webcam comment feature)
dotSUB - students can create closed captioning for a video in any language
OurStory.com - use a timeline to create a collaborative display of stories, photos, and video
Splashcast - create embeddable video channels with your own content and voice overs


from digital images
see the SlideShows & Digital Images page in this archive

*Free photo/clip art

EFL Media - photos by EFL/ESL teachers for others to use copyright free in their classes
ELTA-Rhine - list of links to copyright free image resources

*Online Subtitling

Overstream - create captioning online; good instructional video how-to
dotSUB - students can create closed captioning for a video in any language

*Video Sources

Joost - peer-to-peer viewing with chat function; commercial tv only; Windows/PC only
YouTube- downloading, commenting possible; excellent search engine

*Video file converters

convert one file type to another
http://www.real.com/ (not free)
(Thanks to Marina Alfonso for the tips.)


Fun and creative ways for students to make online video projects - blog by Mike Alfred updates the latest video tools for PBL.