A Presentation given at the CATESOL 2006 Convention, San Francisco, CA, April 8, 2006

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Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Software design and educational technology consulting
Command Performance Language Institute/Computers for Education


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Discovery School
[Web site]. 2005. Discovery Channel.

Discovery School Teacher Tools [Web site]. 2005. Discovery Channel.

English Bites [Web site]. 2004. Australian Broadcasting Corporation/Asia Pacific.

English-Trailers [Web site]. 2005. [Extensive exercises using movie trailers as prompts; includes conversation and writing ideas.] [Web site]. 2006. [Int.-Adv. exercises with video are written by Ryan Detwiler as an MA project. Well contextualized, natural language set in San Francisco includes interesting events, such as ski-boarding Lombard St. in San Francisco with artificial snow.]

Learning Resources [Web site]. 2004. CNN San Francisco.

Living English
[TV series]. 2004. ABC/Asia Pacific.

M2K4: Mars 2004  [Web site]. 2005. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Mars Exploration Program
[Web site]. 2005. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA en Español [Website]. 2005. United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Real English [Website]. 2004.  The Marzio School, Istres, France.


The Beijing Guide: The Great Wall of China [Web site]. 2005. [User can move the camera view around and download stills for projects.]

BreakDance Step-by-Step Preview Clips [Web site]. 2006. [Web site]. 2004. [UK Travel Webcam site.]

Eagle Cam. [Webcam site] 2006. National Conservation Training Center (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). [Also has a Live video link on workdays.]

Fulbright Program: Women in the Global Community [Web site]. 2004. [Videos of a conference--advanced level native and non-native speakers.]

Global Education Partnership [Web site]. 2005. Discovery Channel. [Videos from partner countries.]

Jersey City Peregrine Cam [Webcam site]. 2004.

London Video Tours [Web site]. 2004.
[Videos taken from double-decker buses can be viewed in half-time or real-time speed.]

Movie Trailers [Web site]. 2005. Apple Computer.

NuStudios Dance Community [Web site]. 2005.
[Instructional videos by subscription only; some samples online.]

Real Guide [Webcast site]. 2005. RealNetworks. [Webcasts both audio and video]. [Website]. 2006. [Professional quality short video on a variety of tourism sites--an insider's guide. Download or view online.]

Tourism Australia [Website]. 2006.

Video Nation [Website.]. 2004. BBC. Available at [Amateur but high quality videos; searchable;  British  dialects are quite useful for all learners.]

Video Online - Archives [Website]. 2004. Council of Europe. Available at [Dull but extensive deliberations of the European parliament in several of the major European languages, many in English .]

Video Search [Website]. 2004. Public Broadcasting Corporation. Available at [Allows user to search the news archives of PBC TV news.]

Webcam Central [Website]. 2004. Available at [Safe surfing site to find Webcam videos.]


BlogCheese. 2006. [Vlog for Webcams--no uploading of files.] 2006. N. Gromik. [Place to store and view student projects; has an annual video contetst also.]

Global Education Partnership [Website]. 2005. Discovery Channel. [Videos from partner countries.]

HomeTown Video Festival. 2006.

Internet Archive: Movies. 2006.

My Hero Short Film Festival. 2006. [Vlog]. 2006.
[Must upload videos to the Internet Archive to link to this blog. Carefully protected system for safe surfing.] 2006. [Video and image hosting, sharing, etc.]

YouTube [Vlog]. 2006. [Excellent tagging system; amateur videos.]


Arneil, S. & M. Holmes. 2005. Hot Potatoes [Computer software]. University of Victoria.

Atomic Learning [Web site]. 2006.

EyeSpot Mobile Share. 2006. EyeSpot. [A wholly online video editing software that feeds to your video-enabled mobile phone, PDA, or computer.]

FreeVlog 2005. Hodson, R. & Verdi, M. [A tutorial video/screencast on how to upload video to a blog.]

Geocities [Website]. 2005. Sunnyvale, CA: Yahoo! [Place to store your video--free home pages.]

HyperStudio [Software]. Roger Wagner Publishing/Sunburst Technology.

Kantor, B. 2006. Projectstreamer. Beth Kantor's Blog. [Shows how to make your PowerPoint presentation into a Flickr slideshow.]

Kids' Vid [Online tutorials]. 2000-2001. High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium. Available at [Great site for middle school/6-12 grade kids to learn about scripting, filming, editing, etc.

Macintosh iMovie. [Software]. Mountain View, CA: Apple Computer.

Macintosh iMovie HD Support. 2006.

Microsoftª PowerPoint [Software]. 2000. Redding, WA: Microsoft. Available at [Website]. 2006.

QuickTime [Software]. 2005. Apple Computer.
[For information on how to embed QT movies in your Website, see]

RealOne Player [Computer software]. 2005. Available at

Windows Movie Maker. 2006.

WebQuest [Website]. 2005. B. Dodge, San Diego State University. Available at

Windows Movie Maker [Software]. 2005. Redding, WA: Microsoft Corp.


Almeida, D'Eça, T. 2004, Spring. Cybersights: Webheads in Action: Communities of practice online [Review]. Essential Teacher, 1(2), 59.

iMovie Examples [Web site]. 2005. Springfield Public School District 186.
[Examples from K-12 student video-makers.]

Katchen, J., Morris, B., Savova, L. 2005. Do-it-yourself video role models. Essential Teacher 2(1): 40-49.

Martin, S. 2005. El Rebumbio: Lord of the Rings [Web page with example of Hot Potatoes using a video trailer as the cloze prompt].

Morris, B. 2006. Sustainable video production in short-term courses. TESOL Video News, 17(1), p. 1 [Online journal]. Describes how to set up rotating groups of students who make short videos, alternately take on the roles of director, camera-person, and actors.

Phrasal Verb Video Dictionary. 2006. R. Drury. Georgia Tech. [Students create their own mini-videos to explain the meanings of common phrasal verbs--conceptually difficult multimedia contextualization using project-based learning.]

Raguso, C. 2006, July 26. Learning with Computers Film Festival!. In Welcome to the Computer Lab. [Blog and Web pages with directions for getting started with a student film festival, and examples of student videos.]

Real English Online [Online community]. 2005. E. Hanson-Smith & M. Marzio. [For students: offers access to videos to practice individually. Click on "Join This Group."]

Sendai Museums. 2006. Sendai City/Tohoku University. Sendai Tourism. [Video made by N. Gromik's students for the Sendai City tourism board.]

Sharpe, S. K. 2005. A Blueprint for successful video projects. Essential Teacher, 2(1): 36-38.

Tapped In [Online community]. 2005. Stanford Research Institute. Available at

TeacherSource [Webpage]. 2004.  Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Video & Editing 4 ESOL [Electronic community] . 2005. N. Gromik & M. Marzio. [For teachers interested in developing their skills in using video with their students.]

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith is professor emeritus at California State University, Sacramento. She was lead designer for the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive CD, and pedagogical consultant for Live Action English Interactive software. A former Board member of theTESOL professional association, she edited and contributed to Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Environments and, with co-editor Joy Egbert, CALL Environments: Research, Practice, and Critical Issues (2nd ed. forthcoming, both publications available from She is currently teaching online courses, including co-moderation of Real English Online (, a group supporting teachers using video and audio, and completing a new book, Learning Languages Through Technology, with co-editor Sarah Rilling.
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