ESOL Student Video Production for Meaningful Language Practice

Goals: Gain a better understanding of video production in general: equipment and process
Explore different genres: narrative / musical narrative / news story / short documentary

*I'd add roleplay/dialogues / how-to/maybe some others? There are good examples of these on the Web
We can also collect Web links on another page here in evovideo.wikispaces --- Elizabeth

Discover new ways of bringing video production into your classroom for fun and meaningful language practice.
Contribute your ideas / lesson plans / and examples of your class' production work throughout the year.

Week I: Welcome / Questionaire / and Video Production Intro

During this week participants and moderators will introduce themselves and discuss their interests in video production and the benefits they see in bringing this form of group work into the classroom. Participants are encouraged to complete the session questionaire and review the information posted at

(posted at:

  • General info on the benefits of ESOL student video production for meaningful language practice.
  • Link to access the Session Questionaire.
  • Video Production Info: Intro - Equipment and Process

Session Questionnaire questions (online survey posted at
What about video production interests you?
Do you have a camera?
Do you have a computer and video editing software (both)?
Have you used it to make videos before?
What specific questions/topics, if any, would you especially like the moderators to address?

What level and age group are you teaching?
Would your students be interested in video production?
Do they have access to a camera and editing equipment?
What problems / challenges might your students encounter when making a video?
In what ways might your students benefit from the creation of a short video?
What ideas would you like to talk about and what subjects would you like to learn more about during this session?

Group Discussion Questions:

Assignment 1 (optional): Due end of week
1) Share your work (or your class’ work) with the rest of the group. Send moderators your video(s) to post to the site - or - the links to your work if it's already online.

Week II: Video Production Continued

During this week participants and moderators will review discuss the equipment needed for video production, and the overall process of video production. Participants are encouraged to review the information posted at

(posted at:

  • Video Production Info: Continued - Equipment and Process

Group Discussion Questions:
1) *If you haven't done video with students before, what fears/worries do you have about doing video production with your students? If you have, what problems have you encountered? --Elizabeth
2) *If you ever worked with in-class acting / video production before, describe in some detail what you did. How did it go? -- Elizabeth 3)

*I revised the questions a bit -- Elizabeth

Assignment 2: Due end of week
If you have a camera and video editing software, put together a short (1-2min) personal narative or documentary and share it with the group. Show us a bit of where you are and what life is like in that part of the world :)
Contact moderators for any help or advice with editing / compressing for the web. Send moderators your video to post to the site - or - the links to your work if it's already online.

*We can also suggest some sites to upload video, e.g., YouTube, Odeo, podOmatic.
And some places like or to make video with a Webcam. -- Elizabeth

Week III: Introduction of Genres

During this week participants and moderators will discuss a variety of different genres and which might be more suitable to different skill levels. Participants are encouraged to review the information posted at

(posted at:
  • Genre Info and general info about how much time and effort (relatively) is involved in pursuing each.

Group Discussion Questions:
1) How simple / difficult was it to create last week's assignment?
2) *Tell us about any problems or great ideas that occurred to you while working on this -- Elizabeth
3) Which genre would you most like to focus on next week? why?

Assignment 3:

1) Watch and comment on the participant work posted.
2) Think of a class you recently taught - which genre would have worked best for them?
3) *What would be some good brainstorming questions to get student teams to participate in deciding on topics and genres for their videos? -- Elizabeth

Week IV: Genres Continued

During this week participants and moderators will discuss in greater detail the genre(s) that most interest(s) the participants. Production process for this genre is presented in greater detail and tips are offered by moderators
and participants. Participants are encouraged to review the information posted at

*We don't want to make this a passive info-feed. I am sure we will have some experienced participants who can help the discussion, and the group will respond better if it's not all top-down from moderators to them. -- Elizabeth
*If we are going on to talk about production activities, we should mention Storyboarding and editing in this week -- more site links to these tools -- Elizabeth

(posted at:

  • More production information about the participants' favored genre.

Group Discussion Questions:
1) How would you organize this class production?
2) What preview / follow up activites would be helpful?
3) *If you have found a fellow participant's video interesting, download it and add a video comment, music, or other fx to enhance or develop it further.

Assignment 4:
Due by end of the week.
1) Create a rough lesson plan/production schedule using the discussed genre and email it to moderators.
*Be sure to include an indication of how production teams will be organized. --Elizabeth

*I'd suggest that all assignments go to the group, not to the moderators--we want this to be a discussion among peers, not turning in homework to a teacher. Less work for moderators, more fun for participants. B-) --Elizabeth
*We should be sure to indicate how to organize student groups/teams -- best practices in collaborative CALL --Elizabeth
*A number of vlogs now allow video to be downloaded, which means we could have participant teams create a video by joining them together--is this an interesting option? See Question (3) above -- Elizabeth

Week V: Video Production Lesson Plans Reviewed and Discussed:

During this week participants and moderators will review and discuss the lesson plans posted as last week's assignment.
The goal of this session is to share ideas, activities, problems and solutions.
Plans are posted at:

(posted at:

  • Participants' ESOL video production lesson plans/activity ideas/production schedules.

Group Discussion Questions:
*What kinds of pre-production activities will be most helpful to students and get them on schedule? Tell us about any activities you have found successful, or that failed completely. Or, what activities would you like to try? -- Elizabeth
2) *How much and what kind of editing will student teams need to do? How will music, sound, fxs, etc. be handled. Tell the group your ideas and share any good tools you have found for editing. -- Elizabeth
3) *How would you assess or evaluate the work of your student teams? (See RubiStar and the rubric makers). --Elizabeth

Assignment 5: Due by end of the week.
1) Create a rough lesson plan and post it to
Indicate the tools/software and sites you would use. -- Elizabeth
2) *Include an assessment tool for student creative projects, like those at RubiStar or rubrics at the PBL site. -- Elizabeth
3) *If you are already working with a group of students, send in a sample of their productions so far. -- Elizabeth

*It might be good to include assessment of a creative project as a discussion topic or a part of Assignment 3? -- It's always a question teachers have. -- Elizabeth

Week VI: General Question / Answer Follow up and Session Wrap

During this week participants and moderators will review and discuss any outstanding questions or concerns.
Participants are invited to contribute their future ideas, lesson plans and examples of class video production work to a couple websites, including and

(posted at:

  • Invitation to contribute to teacher resource Websites.
  • *Invitation to collaborate with other participants in future projects with their students.-- Elizabeth

Group Discussion Questions:
*Have a look at the productions from our session. Which of these might inspire your students to create their own? -- Elizabeth
2) *Might you be able to create a video exchange or collaboration with any of the participants' students? Suggest some ideas. -- Elizabeth

Assignment 6: Complete the evaluation for this session at ___.// [Required for all EVO sessions. --Elizabeth]